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Leather for Vegans

There are many good reasons why some people eat vegan food – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up leather shoes. Real leather is a product made from animal skins, but no animal – apart from exotic animals such as crocodiles and minks – is bred or slaughtered for leather production. Leather is a waste product of the meat and dairy industry. Without leather production, the animal skins produced would only be disposed of uselessly, and even if everyone stops consuming meat and milk, animals – hopefully – will always exist in this world.

However, leather has ancient tried and tested properties that synthetic materials still cannot match. If nature offers us such treasures, it would be a sacrilege not to process them into something of high quality, usefulness and natural beauty. If you want to show a global sense of responsibility, you should do that by using things that last a long time and with high esteem – for which you will find some very good examples in our webshop.

Till Reiter

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